The Japanese Coral Reef Society 14th Annual Conference

Infomation (PDF)

General infomations

Schedule: November 3 (Thursday) to November 6 (Sunday), 2011
Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Gender Equality Center, Tiruru,
and Okinawa Jichi-Kaikan Hall (only the afternoon of November 6)
Naha City, Okinawa
JCRS14 Organizing Committee
Kazuhiko Fujita (Chairperson; University of the Ryukyus)
Ryuji Asami, Ryuichi Shinjo, Kentaro Tanaka (University of the Ryukyus

Schedule and Event locations

November 3 (Thursday) at Tiruru (Registration booth opens from 1 to 6 PM)
09F00`13F00 Committee meeting
13F00`14F00 Lunch
14F00`17F00 Council meeting
18F00`20F00 Mini workshop #1

November 4 (Friday) at Tiruru
09F00` Registration booth open
09F45`12F00 Oral presentations
12F00`13F00 Lunch
13F00`14F00 Poster presentations (core time: odd number)
14F00`15F00 Lecture for safety survey
15F15`18F00 Oral presentations
18F30`20F30 Mini workshops #2, 3, 4, 5

November 5 (Saturday) at Tiruru
09F00` Registration booth open
09F45`12F00 Oral presentations
12F00`13F00 Lunch
13F00`14F00 Poster presentations (core time: even number)
14F00`16F15 Oral presentations
16F30`18F30 JCRS general assembly, Ceremony and lecture of the JCRS Award and the
Kawaguchi Award
19F00`21F00 Reception at the Pacific Hotel Okinawa

November 6 (Sunday)
09F00` Registration booth open
09F30`12F00 Public Symposium #1 gCoral Reef Scienceh at Tiruru Hall
12F00`14F00 Lunch
14F00`17F00 Public Symposium #2 gSymposium on the conservation of
Churaumi Seah at Jichi-Kaikan Hall

Important notes

E Registration booth opens from 1 PM of 3 November. We expect that registration in the
morning of 4 November will be busy. Thus we appreciate it if you could come to the venue
and register on 3 November.
E No wireless internet access is available in the venue.
E You can eat and drink in the venue except for the Hall. Drinking and eating in the Hall are
strictly prohibited. Your cooperation of trash separations is highly appreciated.
E No electric power source is available in the venue. Please charge the battery of your laptop
computer and mobile phone before coming to the venue.

Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations
E Venues for oral presentations are Tiruru Hall (1st floor) and Meeting room (2nd floor). Please check the
presentation program for the date and room for your presentation.
E 15 minutes are allotted, including presentation and discussion (One chime after 10 minutes, two chimes
after 12 minutes, and three chimes after 15 minutes).
E A digital projector will be supplied for oral presentation.
E Windows and Macintosh computers are prepared. The Powerpoint (version 2007 for Windows, and 2008
for Mac) has been installed.
E Presentation file name should be the same as your presentation number (e.g., 1-H-07.ppt).
E Please bring your presentation file with your USB flash memory, copy it to a laptop computer in your
presentation room (either Meeting room or Hall), and confirm that your file can be opened.
EYou can connect your laptop computer to the projector. In this case, please confirm the proper operation
during coffee breaks before your presentation. Please also connect your laptop to the projector during your
previous presentation. The proper connector to the projector is miniD-sub15pins.
E The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any computer troubles. Time loss due to computer
troubles is included in your presentation time.

Poster presentations
E Poster presentations are held at the entrance hall, 1st floor, Tiruru.
E Posters should be prepared within a panel size of 85 cm wide by 140 cm high.
E Poster number is displayed at the top of a board. Pushpins are available in the poster presentation area.
E Authors are expected to make a presentation to the audience during the core time. The core time is 4
November for the odd number (e.g., P-01), and 5 November for the even number (e.g., P-02).

Announcement of the JCRS General Assembly

Date: 16:30-18:30, 5 November, 2011
Venue: Tiruru Hall
For JCRS members, please attend this meeting.

Announcement of the JCRS Reception Party

Date: 19:00-21:00, 5 November, 2011
Venue: Pacific Hotel Okinawa (Room gManzah)

Announcement of day nursery services

A room for children is available in Tiruru 1st floor.
The Organizing Committee prepares day nursery service for participants with children. If you would like to
use this service, please feel free to ask the Organizing Committee.