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Coral Reefs of Japan

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"Coral Reefs of Japan" is a comprehensive review book written and edited by Japan Coral Reef Society and the Ministry of Environment, Japan, Published by the Ministry of Environment, Japan.
(in March 2004)

-The book describes characteristics and status of Japanese coral reefs (i.e., its distribution, disturbance, monitoring activities, sustainable use and conservation, and restoration programs).

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Cover, working group
Foreword@@@@Yuriko Koike
Preface@@@@ Kiyoshi Yamazato
Table of Contents

P Distribution of coral reefs (Pages 9-40)
1-1 Hermatypic corals of Japan
1-2 Coral reef landforms in Japan
1-3 Distribution of coral reef communities

Q Coral reef disturbances (Pages 41-76)
2-1 Global environmental change and coral bleaching
2-2 Predation damage to corals
2-3 Coral diseases
2-4 Direct impacts of coastal development
2-5 Terrestrial inflow of soils and nutrients
2-6 Inappropriate activities around coral reefs
Coral reef degradation and sustainable use in the
Yaeyama Archipelago, Okinawa: A Study of Lift-Net
Fishery and Fishermen's Perspectives and Opinions

R Coral reef monitoring (Pages 77-105)
3-1 Coral monitoring in Japan
3-2 Remote sensing of coral reefs in Japan

S Sustainable use and conservation of coral reefs (Pages 106-136)
4-1 Coral reef conservation and management in Japan
4-2 Legal systems
4-3 Environmental education related to coral reefs
4-4 Fishery
4-5 Tourism
4-6 International Cooperation

T Coral reef restoration (Pages 137-152)
5-1 Restoration techniques
5-2 Approaches for restoring coral reef ecosystems

U Status of coral reefs around the country (Pages 153-286)
6-0-0 Index map for Chapter 6
6-1-1 Ogasawara Islands
6-1-2 Osumi Islands and Tokara Archipelago
6-1-3 Amami Archipelago
6-1-4 Okinawa Islands
6-1-5 Daito Islands
6-1-6 Miyako Archipelago
6-1-7 Yaeyama Archipelago
6-2-1 Boso Peninsula, Izu Peninsula and Izu Islands
6-2-2 Sea of Japan
6-2-3 Kii Peninsula
6-2-4 Shikoku
6-2-5 Kyusyu

Appendix (Pages 287-320)
Appendix 1 Related statistic data of coral area
1-1 Meteorological Data
1-2 Population and Number of Households
1-3 Number of employed in each industry
1-4 Number of tourists visited
1-5 Fishery Statistics
1-6 Protected Areas
1-7 Additional information on the Daito Islands and Sea of Japan
Appendix 2 The 5th National Survey on the Environment
Appendix 3 Spot Check method for coral reef survey
Appendix 4 A list of Hermatypic corals in Japan
Appendix 5 Japanese Organizations related to coral reef study and conservation
Appendix 6 Cited References
Appendix 7 Authors

Coral Reefs on the Border
Unique Genetic Properties of Acroporids
Toward the revival of Miyakejima after the latest volcanic eruption
Spawning behavior of brooders
Mass spawning of Acroporids
Living on coral reef atolls - Human induced vegetation changes
Coral reef development near cities
Folkcraft of Okinawan coral reefs
Geographical features and use of Ryukyu limestone
A glimpse of coral reef studies in pre-westernized Japan
Reef Check in Japan
International Coral Reef Research and Monitoring Center
\For conservation of coral reefs in Japan and the world

End paper
Global distribution of coral reefs (upper left) and map of Japan
Ryukyu Islands and Ogasawara Islands