The Japanese Coral Reef Society 11th Annual Conference

 The 11th Annual Japan Coral Reef Conference (JCRS11) will be held November 22-24th, 2008 at the Convention Center (Name is Granships), Shizuoka. Please participate in this meeting and join in the fun!

11th Annual Conference Call for Participants and Papers

JCRS11 Organizing Chairperson
Yoshimi Suzuki
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University,
836 Oya, Surugaku, Shizuoka, 422-8529, Japan
Tel: 054-238-4799

Schedule and Event locations

November 22th (Saturday) to November 24th (Monday), 2008
Shizuoka Granships Conference Hall

Directions for registration of participation and abstracts

Please note that the contact e-mail addresses for participation registration and presentation registration are different.

Participation registration and payment of participation fees

Please send all necessary registration details to Yoshimi Suzuki by September 26, 2008. Details may be sent by e-mail or by post (must arrive by the deadline).
Please label the subject of the e-mail as "JCRS11 registration"

Necessary information

Participant's full name, affiliation (if a student please indicate this), contact address (work or home), e-mail address, fax number and phone number.
Presentation (Y/N)?, Reception party participation (Y/N)?

Method of payment

Please pay the registration fees either by post office money transfer (by October 27th, 2008) or on the first day of JCRS11. In the case of money transfer please also pay all associated bank service charges.



Payment before October 27, 2008

Payment at JCRS11





Registration fee

JCRS member

5000 yen





7000 yen




Reception party fee

4500 yen





Post Office Account Number: 00880-2-120184
Account Name: Japan Coral Reef Society 11th Annual Conference (ADD JAPANESE HERE)?
Necessary information: Name, Affiliation, Adult/Student?, Participation in reception party (Y/N)?
Several people may submit information at the same time, please inform us of this when doing so.
All JCRS members can participate in JCRS11 for a reduced fee (see above). To join the JCRS, please contact the JCRS General Office and pay the JCRS Member's fee by money transfer.

Presentation registration

First part (until September 26) not translated


September 26 (Friday)
Deadline for 1) registration of participants and 2) registration of presentations
(either by e-mail or by post)

October 20 (Monday)
Deadline for submission of abstracts
(sent either by e-mail with pdf attachment or by post)

November 21 (Friday)
p.m. JCRS
Steering Committees meetings

November 22 (Saturday)
a.m. Registration booth open, oral presentations
p.m. Oral presentations, poster presentaions
@@@mini-workshop "New development in Coral reef studies"

November 23 (Sunday)
a.m. Oral presentations
p.m. Public symposium "Road to Coral reef regeneration"
@@@general meeting, reception party

November 24 (Monday)
a.m. Oral presentaions
p.m. Oral presentations, poster presentations, workshop"Survey on corals and coral reefs of `Yamato(Japan)`"
Details will be announced shortly to the JCRS mailing list and on the JCRS homepage.

Abstract submission

2) Please submit abstracts by October 20, 2008 to Yoshimi Suzuki by e-mail ( with PDF attachment or by post (
must arrive by the deadline).

Abstract guidelines:
Please follow the layout guidelines below.

Paper size: A4 (1 sheet), top and bottom margins 3cm, left and right margins 2.5cm.
Title: Arial font, 14 pt, centered
Second line: Researcher names, Times New Roman font, 12 pt, centered. Please indicate presenter with an open circle (○).
Third line: Affiliations, Times New Roman, 10 pt, centered.
From fourth line: Abstract, Times New Roman, 12 pt, left-justified
Last line: Keywords, Times New Roman, 12 pt, centered.
Other details: Maps and figures may be included with abstracts.

Information for sending abstracts by e-mail
Please indicate in the e-mail whether the attached abstract PDF file was made by Windows or Macintosh computer (i.e. "JCRS 11 abstract win" or "JCRS 11 abstract mac". Please ensure that any unusual fonts or symbols used can be properly read in the PDF file format before sending files.