I welcome those who are interested in corals and coral reefs to the Japanese Coral Reef Society


Modern coral reefs in the tropics are geological formations formed over hundreds of millions of years by coral reef ecosystems, and they adorn the planet with high biodiversity. In East Asia, the Kuroshio Current has played a major role in pushing up the distribution of coral reefs and their ecosystems. Humans have been moving onto coral reefs for tens of thousands of years, adapting to their diversity and forming coral reef cultural areas.
      However, the rapid development of human civilization, which has been termed the Anthropocene, has also put the ancient ecosystem and its stage under threat. The Japanese Coral Reef Society is an interdisciplinary scientific society of the coral reef world and a group of people who do not overlook this crisis but understand it correctly and act accordingly. We look forward to welcoming you to our society.

Yoshikatsu Nakano, President