Activities of the Committee

International Coordinating Committee

Aim of the Committee

 The main objective of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) is to communicate with overseas coral reef-related societies and organizations in order to exchange information about JCRS activities, cooperate with other societies for organization of symposia and conferences, support the participation of students and young scientist to relevant overseas’ international symposia, to organize international symposia in Japan and to keep informed all the members of JCRS about relevant activities of other international societies, particularly activities related to the International Society of Coral Reefs (ICRS) and coral reef societies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Process and purpose of establishment

ICC was established in 2004 during the 10th ICRS hosted by the JCRS in Okinawa. This JCRS efforts in organizing such important international symposia enhanced a more fluent communication with the ICRS, therefore, the necessity to create a committee within JCRS working on overseas communication. At the same time, during 10th ICRS in Okinawa, officers of ICRS and JCRS determined to have a permanent representation of JCRS within ICRS throughout the selection of two ICRS council member from JCRS (in alternative periods) to ensure a permanent representation and information exchange between ICRS-JCRS. At the present state ICRS councilors from JCRS, are also members of ICC. This resulted in a constant and fluent communication with ICRS and other societies and organizations overseas.

Activity policy

1. To inform the JCRS members about activities and relevant news from overseas coral reef organizations and societies.
2. To collaborate with other committees of JCRS for advertisement of JCRS activities, publication issues (as new issues of GALAXEA) and other relevant news, particularly during events as ICRS with keeping JCRS’ booth all along the conference.
3. To keep certain level of information exchange and networking with overseas institutions. To cooperate with other societies to organize international conferences in Japan and overseas.
4. To support graduate students and young researchers in Japan to attend relevant international symposia overseas.
5. To keep mutual exchange and collaboration with coral reef related societies in Asia-Pacific region.
6. To advertise JCRS relevant activities by the publication of news in foreign journals as “Reef Encounter”

Main activities since 2014

1. Cooperation with international societies and conferences, information exchange with overseas institutions
・ As councilors of ICRS: to participate in in-vivo ICRS council meetings (using Zoom) every three month, for discussing topics raised by ICRS officers regarding policies, rules and activities. Most of the discussions needs to be approved (vote) by the councilors, so the participation is of high relevance.
・ Other duties as ICRS councilors: Asides from being an ICRS councilor, members may be on various committees within ICRS. During 2019-2022 term, Atsushi WATANABE was a member of the communication committee and students’ award committee. From 2023-2026, James D. REIMER is serving as an ICRS councilor, and is on the awards committee and in charge of career development workshops and mentoring opportunities.
・ Relevant information extracted from ICRS council meetings as ICRS policies, ICRS elections, announcements of awards application periods and others are reported to the ICC for further dissemination to JCRS members.
・ Organizing an Open International Symposium at the 20th Japan Coral Reef Society (JCRS): In collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology, six researchers from overseas covering the Indo-pacific region were invited to discuss important topics of coral reefs and coastal ecosystems managements in the region. The symposium named “Asia-Pacific coastal ecosystems in danger – Establishing international collaboration networks towards the next decades of the JCRS-” extended for 6 hours including presentations of all participants and panel discussions. (2017)

2. Support and training of young researchers in Japan
・ Plans to support young researchers and graduate students to travel abroad to join the 5th APCRS (Singapore, 2023) (10 people x 100,000 yen).
・ Support to young researchers and graduate students to attend the 13th ICRS (Hawaii, Honolulu, 2016) (10 people × 100,000 yen). The award winners received an award certificate signed by JCRS president in an award ceremony held during 13th ICRS. (2016)
・ Support for overseas travel to young researchers and graduate students at the 3rd APCRS (Taiwan, Pingtung, 2014) (12 people × 70,000 yen. 7 with affiliations in Japan, 5 with affiliations overseas). The award winners received an award certificate signed by the JCRS president in an award ceremony held during the 3rd APCRS conference. (2014)

3. Mutual exchange and collaboration with coral reef related societies in Asia
・The ICC is examining and discussing the possibility to create a regional Chapter (as inspired by the recent authorities of ICRS) in the Indo-Pacific region.

4. Contribution to the Reef-Encounter by articles reflecting JCRS activities:
・Casareto BE (2018): Japanese Coral Reef Society International Conference. Reef Encounter Vol. 33 (1), No 46, pp 70-71. September 2018.
・Casareto BE (2016): Japanese Coral Reef Society Supporting the Attendance of Young Researchers. Reef Encounter 31 (2), pp 60. December 2016.
・Casareto BE (2014): Special Issue of Galaxea Promotes English Translations of Work by Dr. Siro Kawaguti. Reef Encounter 29 (1) February 2014.
・Casareto BE (2014): The Second Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium (APCRS 2). Reef Encounter 29 (1) February 2014.

Members of ICC (by June 2019)

Chair: Atsushi Watanabe* (Sasakawa Peace Foundation)

Yasufumi Iryu** (Tohoku University)
Tadashi Kimura*** (PICRC/JICA)
Sylvain Agostini (Tsukuba University)
Toshiyuki Suzuki (Shizuoka University)
Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yoko Nozawa (Academia Sinica)
James Reimer (Unversity of the Ryukyus)

* ICRS council members (period 2018-2022)
** Board Committee member and Chair of Planning Committee
*** Board Committee member