Activities of the Committee

About committee

Establishment background

 The Japanese Coral Reef Society (JCRS) was incorporated in 2017, on the 20th anniversary of the society. During the last 20 years, degradation of coral reefs has increased due to the environmental impacts at global and regional scales, and the needs and importance for educational outreach and scientific knowledge about the ecological and societal importance of coral reefs is increasing year by year. To meet these demands the Educational and Outreach Committee was established in 2017.
The JCRS is an interdisciplinary society including scientists working on coral reefs with backgrounds in biology, fisheries, geology, biogeochemistry, physics, engineering, humanities and social sciences, sociology, and economics. Additionally, the society includes people active in education, conservation, private sector management, education, NPOs, NGOs, divers, policy makers, and so on. The Educational and Outreach Committee is responsible for conducting outreach on the importance of coral reefs and threats they face, disseminating the newest scientific knowledge, and for raising interest and awareness of the public including researchers, citizen scientist, students and the next generation.

JCRS Educational and Outreach Committee

Activity policy

We aim to support and enhance outreach activities to encourage people and students to join in working on coral reefs, and to raise public understanding and awareness of coral reefs. We also work with the Public Information Committee and Coral Reef Conservation Committee to promote environmental educational and outreach activities for both society and non-society members.


Members (as of January 2022)

Takanori Sato (Chairperson), Haruko Kurihara(JCRS Board Member),Yu Umezawa, Yuko Kitano, Yota Takakura, Hitoshi Tsuchikawa, Yuichi Nakajima, Takashi Nakamura, Naoko Namizaki, Mamiko Hirose, Masaru Mizuyama, Nina Yasuda
Observer: Yukihiro Higashimura

Main activities

1. Educational and outreach activities

 ・Convene events, science cafés

2. Disseminate information

 ・Transmit information about public talks, events, lectures, etc.

3. Support educational and outreach activities

 ・Funding opportunities for outreach activities
 ・Promotion of educational materials
 ・Development of educational and outreach programs
 ・Nomination for reef conservation and outreach awards
 ・Support for junior and high school student poster presentations

Joining the Committee

 Members interested in joining the committee, participating in activities, or adding new resources, are always welcome and encouraged to contact the committee chair: Dr. Takanori Sato or e-mail to: (change 0 to @ when sending e-mail).

Request, comments and questions

 Please contact the committee member if you have any requests, comments, or questions (e-mail: (change 0 to @ when sending e-mail).