JCRS annual meeting

JCRS 25th meeting has finished.
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The Japanese Coral Reef Society, 25th Annual Meetings

 The 25th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Coral Reef Society will be held on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, from November 11th-13th, 2022, for the first time since the 6th Annual Meeting, 19 years ago! We look forward to face-to-face presentations and spontaneous discussions, which are not possible online. We initially tried to hold the meeting in a hybrid format, but unfortunately we were forced to abandon that idea due to the communication infrastructure at the venue. We are also looking forward to receiving proposals for mini-workshops in a variety of fields related to coral reefs. There will be only one venue for oral presentations, which will promote more diverse interdisciplinary discussions. Additionally, we plan to accept as many poster presentations as possible, including those from elementary, junior high school, and high school students. Unfortunately, there will not be a general reception, but we hope that you will be able to interact freely, before, after, and between presentations, which is possible only at a face-to-face conference. Please join us! We look forward to seeing many of you there!

Chairman: Go Suzuki (FRA)
Organizing Members: Chuya Shinzato (UTokyo), Wakawo Odake (MOE), Hiroko Egawa (MOE), Tamaki Shimose (FRA), Hiroshi Yamashita (FRA), Iwao Tanita (FRA), Sachia Sasano (FRA)



 Main Period:Nov. 11th (Fri) – 13th (Sun), 2022

 Main venue:Ishigaki City Community Center (Medium Hall)

General rules on materials and works presented in the 25th meeting of the Japanese Coral Reef Society

 The 25th meeting of the Japanese Coral Reef Society (referred to as the JCRS25 meeting) will be held onsite. General rules on materials and works presented in the JCRS25 meeting are shown below.

1. Participants of the JCRS 25th meeting are prohibited to take photographs, screen captures (screen shots), video recording, voice recording without presenter(s)’ agreement.

2. Even in the case that presenter(s) agree the above action(s), the participants are prohibited to disclose the materials to other participants and non-participants, as well as to upload the materials on any website(s) and any social networking services (SNS).

3. In the case that presenters of JCRS 25th meeting use all or part of published material(s) and work(s), the presenters must indicate the source (e.g., authors, year, journal title) and any modifications of the material(s)and work(s) used.

Application and Inquiry

 Registration: Please access the following website and fill in the required information. If you are not able to join this meeting and just need the electric abstract, please register.

 Registration Form (Available on August 22nd)