Activities of the Committee

About committee

Aims of organization

The studies on corals and coral reefs have been conducted in the variety of the fields such as biology, chemistry, earth science and even the social economics. Moreover, the study of coral reefs were originally considered as the local issues specific to tropical and subtropical regions, but now recognized as the global issues which are related to global warming and food issues etc.. Therefore many people with a variety of situations and disciplines join the Japanese Coral Reef Society. JCRS Public Information Committee tries to facilitate the communication among these people, and provide the latest information on JCRS activities and coral communities to the JCRS members. As a social duty of JCRS, we also have responsibility to tell the general public, who are interested in corals and coral reefs, the present condition of the coral reefs in Japan. We keep in our mind to provide the fresh and intelligible information from a variety of viewpoints.


Member of the JCRS Public Information Committee (as of December, 2020)

Yu Umezawa (Chairperson), Yuna Zayasu, Kohki Sowa, Kentaro Tanaka, Ryota Nakajima, Tomihiko Higuchi, Takuma Fujii, Chuki Hongo, Hiroshi Yamashita, Shoji Yamamoto, Ikuko Yuyama, Naohisa Wada
(observer: Haruko Kurihara, Nina Yasuda)

Main Activities

1. Newsletter

JCRS Newsletter is quarterly (January, April, July and October) published in Japanese as electric version to announce the information on corals and coral reefs, the JCRS activities and the associated events to the JCRS members. The back number is available on the web site in 1 year after the publication. Copied version of newsletter is distributed only for honorary members, firm members, supporting members, and newsletter members.

2. Web site update and maintenance

On the JCRS web site, basic information on JCRS is available. We will also update the latest information on the annual conference, symposium, job announcement, and other related events. At Q&A on Coral Reefs, the questions on corals are welcomed.

3. Press Bureau

Other than from JCRS newsletter and web site, we also manage promotion at scientific conference such as ISRS (International Coral Reef Symposium) and other local events to promote JCRS activities and increase the member of JCRS.